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Photography Courses


1. Abstraction, Photography and Play


"If you are interested in photography and considering taking a course in Abstract Photography with Eva Kalpadaki just do it. The course looks at the broad territory of abstraction and Eva masterfully weaves an honouring of the pioneers of this form with a look at more contemporary work too. Aspects of the course really challenge your way of seeing, and get you to really consider composition, technique and the very nature of photography too. More than just an education, from this course I gained something utterly priceless...FREEDOM. Freedom from convention, freedom to play, experiment and just make it up. Thank you Eva.'' Adam Bailey


''Thank you Eva, a really stimulating and ''engaging course. It has helped me to look at photography in a new way.'' Dr Trisha Waters



2. Developing A Creative Photography Project -Autumn 2012


''If you are confident and competent with the technical aspects of handling a camera, happy with basic compositional elements and yet still realise that something is missing in your image making.

If you don’t expect to be given answers, but to find them through reflection, collaboration, discussion, learning from other participants and (of course) your own efforts - then this is the course for you.'' Richard


"I've really enjoyed and benefited greatly from attending the photography course run by Eva Kalpadaki. The sessions were friendly,inspiring and informative and we were assisted and supported throughout with our ideas and projects resulting in a fabulous show at the end.I'd definitely recommend it." Nadya


''Eva was very inspirational, energising, bringing lots of ideas from her substantial and in-depth knowledge. She enabled the well-balanced composition of participants to help each other through interesting and focused discussions and exchanges to refine their projects into a successful final exhibition.''Barry


''This course is actually really, really good. Although it’s short you come away with a wealth of information that is invaluable, but most importantly it really makes you think and reflect about the photographs you are taking. Because there was an end goal – showing our work at the BPF – you are spurred on to make things happen and see your project through to completion. The whole course was well structured and very enjoyable. Thanks Eva for your patience, sharing your extensive knowledge and above all proving it is possible – all in 6 weeks!'' Jo



3. Developing A Creative Photography Project -Spring 2013


"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. Photography is a relatively new medium for me but Eva's reflective approach allowed me the space to make decisions on the work I was producing and gave me the confidence to pick what works for me. I found myself developing a more reflective practice and in turn being more selective with my work. Doing this course has inspired me to apply what I have learned to some more project ideas that have been sitting for quite a while now which is quite a result in a 6 week course. Thanks Eva." Anthony Ryan


‘‘And thank you once again for an amazing journey into my own and others photography. I feel the course has given me the confidence and focus that I was looking for to take my photography to a next level. Now I do not just photograph what catches my attention but I go out and search for something specific that has develop from previous photographs or I have chosen as a next project. I very much enjoyed ALL of the course and find that the documents, reflections from the rest of the group and your invaluable advice and support will be very useful to me for many years to come.’’ Eva Garay


‘‘Eva runs an excellent course, which is fun stimulating and engaging and fostered a creative environment that allowed me to explore very deeply the development of a photographic concept for exhibition and more importantly the development of a working process to bring the ideas to fruition. Highly recommended to anyone interested in progressing their depth as an artist within the medium of photography.’’ Adam Bailey


‘‘Thank you Eva for a brilliant and inspiring course. It has helped me greatly - to look more closely at what I like to photograph and think about why. And of course encouraged me to photograph with a purpose/focus - be it an exhibition or a space at home. I have loads of notes I can use for other things as well as photography projects. It was great to learn from everyone else on the course too - and I have lots of ideas to take further!’’ David Curtis


"This project based course gave me a strong grasp of what it means to be a photographer. For the first time ever, I had a theme or story to my work. I followed my project through from initial idea to an exhibition which I was proud to be part of. I have came away with excellent course notes I can refer back to if needed." Grainne McHugh




1-1 Photography Tuition


''I have enjoyed meeting you over the past few months and have found your challenges stimulating, even if they did not always go according to plan.'' Christopher Williams




Greek Language Private Lessons


''Eva is a fun and thorough tutor, I feel my progression will develop quickly with her help. She is definitely what I've been looking in a teacher!'' Katie Calthorpe



''I am not a natural when it comes to learning languages - Eva is very patient and encouraging and has helped me build confidence in speaking and understanding Greek. She's also very interesting to talk to and knows a lot about Greek culture, and art.'' Liz Whitehead


''I have been taking Greek lessons with Eva since Nov 2012 and have been delighted by her teaching approach. She is very patient, thorough and encouraging which inspires me to study, between visits. She is also very flexible and happy to teach both grammar and conversation according to the needs of the student. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other pupils wishing to learn Modern Greek.'' Lindsay Geddes – Burgess Hill, April 2013






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